Autism and Meditation: Thirty Seconds to Wisdom and Connection

There are few tools more effective or more useful in achieving deep knowing & inner peace than daily meditation. ~Neale Donald Walsch

This simple quote from Neale Donald Walsch brings to mind the great benefits we can achieve from meditation and the hidden surprising link between autism and meditation. As educators, providers and parents, we’ve been told over and over that meditation will help us in all areas of life. So why do we meditate so infrequently, if at all. What is the resistance? What I hear most often is that it can be hard to find the time. But not if you use the thirty seconds to connection autism spirit tool!

It Only Takes 30 Seconds!

When I was first introduced to meditation, I imagined having to set aside at least a half hour, sitting in a corner, trying not to think. Now I have discovered that the best approach for me and for others using autism spiritual approach is to meditate for 30 seconds at a time, off and on throughout the course of the day. Try it! Just 30 seconds, for example, as you wash out a dish. Feel the water fully. Imagine washing away all your cares and concerns. Or while taking a shower, soap up your hands, close your eyes, and enjoy a luscious soapy self-hand massage. Upon waking in the morning, use that first 30 seconds before you get out of bed to take a meditative trip, anywhere. The ocean. A mountain lake. Begin your day in 30 seconds of quiet bliss. Check out this great article. A mindful pause.

Find Sweet Surprises in Meditation

In our role in caring deeply for a child on the autism spectrum, 30 second meditative moments as described above can change everything. First, you will quiet your own mind long enough to bring in your own intuitive messages about your deepest concerns. You will access your deep knowing more often through the day when challenges show up. Next, you will be reaching a higher level of consciousness, in brief increments, where the child you love will sense a closer connection with you. And finally, your own inner energy will change in frequency. This more peaceful energy will be contagious to the children in your care and everyone else around you. This lighter way of being can calm a child’s anxiety just by being close to us.

Does It Sound Too Simple?

Everything coming from the soul is always simple. It is our overactive mind that complicates things. So why not try it? You’ll love how it feels. You’ll love how it works even more. Expect miracles!


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