The 4 Spirit Steps

About the 4 Spirit Steps

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We have outlined the 4 steps for you below. Within these steps, there are power tools for you to apply in your work to enhance with your connection with a child living on the autism spectrum.

Join the thousands across the globe who are making Autism: SAI® a part of their lives and their work, changing borderline outcomes to miraculous results in the classroom, at home and in the therapeutic setting. And at the same time, you will bring peace into chaos and make life so much easier for YOU!




Across the globe, educators and providers are changing
borderline outcomes into miraculous results
with children living on the autism spectrum.


Autism: The Spiritual Approach®

Power Tools

The 4 Spirit Steps


Balance Your Energy Bank Account

A simple and fun process, just like balancing a checking account that recharges you and the child(ren) in your care. Without the energy to work and play, no child or adult can thrive in any environment or intervention.

Discover A Child’s Spirit Temperament ™

and Your Own

When we run into meltdown and disconnect, there is often one or two simple adjustments we can make in the environment that will support us and the child(ren) in our care. But how do we know what is setting him off? When we know what nurtures a child;s spirit temperament and our own, the answers come easily.

Calm Challenging Behaviors with Love

When we come from a place of understanding the unmet need that the child is trying to tell us about through his challenging behavior, we can meet that need before he expresses in inappropriate ways. But HOW? Follow this process and make it easy to understand a child and what he is trying to tell us through his acting out.

Bridge the Distance

By applying the large variety of therapeutic visualization and meditative activities, we can connect to a higher level within ourselves and consequently, connect with the child, meeting him where he is. When a child feels that we are making an effort to reach him, he will begin to respond to us and cooperate in a whole new way.


Over the years, and in applying Autism: The Spiritual Approach worldwide, providers and parents report that the steps need not be used in a linear way. Once you get a sense of all 4 steps and the tools within each step, you will intuitively know what tools to try and how to combine them to bring joy, peace and miracles into your life and the life of a child. You need not learn the whole process at once. Grab a tool. Try it. You’ll love how it feels. You’ll love how it works. From the very first day.